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Audiences Respond to Detroit Theatre Collective

3 Works by Strindberg

Michael J. of Detroit –
“Absolutely remarkable!  You’ve been holding out on me …”

Tina F. of Ferndale –
“Fascinating work … All three plays were so different yet compelling.”

Jeannie M. of Waterford –
“Fantastic!  This show made me remember how much I love theater.”

EARLY BLOOM: 2 Plays by Lanford Wilson

Kelli K. of Hamtramck – “Both plays ruled … Real, intimate theater.”

Cherie C. of Allen Park –
“I’m a fan of guerrilla theater, and this is one of the best things I’ve seen since moving back to Detroit several years ago.”

Janet P. of Bloomfield Township –
“BRILLIANT.  And I don’t use that word lightly … Karen Kron’s performance, if it had been on film, would be Oscar-worthy.  Go see the show!”

June S. of West Bloomfield –
“I’m going to email anyone I can about this show – it was like watching a film.  I’ve never seen this level of acting in such an intimate space.”

Miriam E. of Grosse Pointe  –  “I was blown away.”

The Intruder & Other Stories

KJM, Filmmaker –
“Evocative and moving … all the elements came together to create something fascinating and vital.”

NZM, Director and Designer  –  “A brilliant night in the theatre …”

MYE, Psychologist  –  “I was enthralled and haunted all at once!”

JVH, Dancer  –  “I was so moved – it was like a massage for the psyche.”

ANYTHING by Tim McNeil

Jocelyn C., Design Executive –
“I went to the performance not knowing what to expect, and was thoroughly captivated by what I saw.  It was an inspiringly raw sensory experience that conveyed a powerful message.”

Harold & Diane M. of Birmingham –
“It was awesome.  The actors were amazing … so glad we saw it!”

Mike & Marisa R. of Rochester Hills –
“Small venue, tiny budget – and yet a first rate production.”

Msval B. of Macomb County  –
“I am glad to be among the privileged to have seen this play.”


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