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For a limited time, we are making the 2019 DTC production of THE INTRUDER available for viewing.
‘Inspired by ghosts, dark angels, 1960’s American soap operas, Hitchcock and
Maeterlinck’s Symbolist writing’


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By Maurice Maeterlinck


Helga/The Sister of Mercy – Maggie Lorenzetti
Ursula – Laura Heikinnen
Grandfather – Fred Karn
Paul (The Father) – Phillip J. Hughes
Oliver (The Uncle) – Tim Pollack

The Mother – Karen Kron Dickson (projected)
The Child – Leonardo (projected)
Accordion Maestro – Steve Cousins (projected)

A family home, somewhere in Europe, at the end of the 19th century … two weeks since the Mother has become ill after childbirth.

Directed by Chris Berryman

Assistant Director – Mary Elizabeth Byrnes
Acting Coach – T.M. Rawlins
Media Design – Chris Berryman
Sound Design – Chris Berryman and Mary Byrnes

Stage Manager – Marisa Soto

Mise en Scène – Hailey Klein

Costume and Prop design – The Collective

Filmed at Light Box Detroit by Caffeine Soul Productions, June 2019